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Alchemy Bodywork specializes in relief from chronic dysfunctions, muscle tension, TMJD, headaches, pinched nerves, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, monthly cycle issues, anxiety, posture imbalances and more through Precision Neuromuscular Massage Therapy (PNMT) and other massage modalities.

Chronic tension or pain can come from different sources, like pinched nerves, trigger points, tight muscles, taught muscles, joint issues, weak muscles, fascial adhesions, bulging discs, inflammation and more.

Using PNMT, I go down the list of sources and find what the pain or dysfunction responds to. Then, during future sessions, I focus on what gets results.

Often times massaging the pain or tension spot is not required because that's usually not where the pain is coming from, hence why chronic pain doesn't go away. For instance, upper back pain is often from pinched nerves in the front of the neck that refer pain down the upper back. Lower back pain is often from a tight muscles deep in the abdomen, referring pain throughout the lower back nerves. When the deep muscles on the front of the spine pinching the nerves to the upper and lower back get loosened, relief is usually immediate.

Posture imbalances can also cause chronic tension or pain. I include a posture assessment during the intake to address the specific muscles pulling the bones out of alignment. Low back pain can also come from an anteriorly tilted pelvis that crushes the lower back and spine. For this, I loosen all the hip flexor muscles to allow the pelvis to drop back, which decompresses the entire lower back and spine.

TMJ dysfunctions can encompass a wide variety of issues including jaw pain, clenching, ear fullness, headaches, sinus pain, clicking, tinnitus, jaw deflection and much more. The deep front neck muscles can easily pinch nerves that refer into the jaw, face and ear, but some muscles can only be worked on from within the mouth. Mouth massage or intraoral massage is safe and effective at loosening any tight muscles in the mouth. Jaw muscles can be used up to a couple thousand times a day and can hold tension just like any other muscle, but how often are they massaged?

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Alchemy ~ The process of transforming something ordinary into something extraordinary!

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