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Massage Therapy and Bodywork

All session are completely customizable to your needs.

During the intake, a posture assessment and various neuromuscular assessments may be performed to pinpoint the source of the tension. During the outtake recommendations may be provided


30-min $50

45-min $65

60-min $80 

75-min $95

90-min $110

2-hour $140

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

  • Chronic pain or tension that keeps coming back

  • Neck, shoulders, low back

  • Anterior tilted pelvis, forward shoulders

  • pinched nerves, numbness, tingling

  • Dizziness, vertigo, headaches

Physical therapist giving massage and st

TMJ/TMJD Intraoral Massage Therapy 

  • Jaw: pain, clicking, crooked jaw, clenching, grinding

  • Sinuses: pain, stuffiness, runny, flew like symptoms

  • Ear: pain, ringing, muffled, fluttering, pressure

  • Throat: pain, difficulty swallowing, compressed neck

  • Eye: pain, overactive tears, twitching, cross-eyed 

  • Teeth: pain, gum pain, and phantom tooth pain 

  • Vocal cords: pain, restricted, horse voice

  • Tongue: pain, taste metal, tiredness


NMT for Nerves

  • Pinched nerves, tingles, numbness

  • Sciatica, Carpal tunnel, face numbness

  • Headaches of all types including behind the eyes

  • Burning feet, pelvic floor pain, restless leg

  • Knot in stomach, chronic acid reflux

Illustration of the human arm anatomy re

NMT for Psoas Release

  • Anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD

  • Sciatica, restless leg, burning feet

  • Painful monthly cramps, nausea

  • Pelvic floor pain, tailbone pain

  • IBS, constipation, digestive issues

Top view of hands massaging female abdom

Swedish Relaxation

  • For general tension not chronic tension

  • Full body or sight specific massage

  • Scalp massage

  • Aromatherapy in diffuser included if requested

  • Book NMT for chronic tension

Therapist massaging patient at wellness

Cupping Therapy

  • Excellent for releasing connective tissue

  • Expands capillaries increasing blood flow

  • Desensitize hypersensitive tension spots

  • Reduce Cellulite and face wrinkles

  • Combine with NMT for chronic tension relief

  • Can be a stand alone service

A man do cupping massage treatment .jpg

Energy Work

  • Reiki energy work calms the energetic body

  • Qigong energy work is more intense

      at increasing life force energy

  • Combine with massage or stand alone service

Pretty woman enjoying a reiki technique

Lymphatic Drainage

  • Extremity or abdomen swelling

  • 60 min full body recommended

  • Recommended to be stand alone service

  • Consult Lymphedema specialist if swelling

      is from Lymph-Nodes being removed

Leg of diseased patient who suffers from

Pre/Post Sports Massage

  • Pre-Sports is best immediately before a sporting activity

      to energize the muscles to prevent injury.

  • Post-Sports is best immediately after a sporting activity

      to calm the muscles down

  • Book as NMT session

Massage and rehabilitation. Masseur mass

Myofascial Work

  • Works the connective tissue or fascia 

  • Skin rolling, static friction, or cupping is performed

  • Incorporated in to massage

myofacial therapy.jpg

Trigger Point Work

  • Used for site specific acute muscle tension

  • Incorporated in to massage

Trigger point physical therapy.jpg
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